How does sales event manager work?

It's very easy to schedule new sales event with Seller Tools. You need to pick your sales event start and (if required) end date, set your discount value and type (fixed or percent) and select listings to apply the discount to. The listings selection setup part is very flexible. You can put on sale your entire shop, specific shop categories and single listing in any combination. You can also exclude any listing or any category from your sales event. Now the most interesting part! We can auto-create new images for you listings with discount and regular price on top of them to attract more potential buyers to your shop. Of course all your images will be placed back after your sales event is over (excluding images that you change manually during sales event). You can also add some text to all your listings title and description fields if you want. And on top of these delicious stuff we have auto-posting of your sales event announcement to your social media accounts! Just couple more click and your message with our cool custom collage will be published to your Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest pages right after sales event start!

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I love the Favathons! It sure has put lots of action to my store. I also like scheduling my tweets and Pinterest posts to more then one Pinterest board. It's great that I can do sales and social media schedules in one place instead of using EtsyOnSale and AroundIO. It is a one stop do it all!