What people say about Seller Tools

Our views have doubled since using the Favathons! I have been able to save an incredible amount of time by scheduling my social media shares and using the Treasury Tool. We recently started a sale in our shop, and are so pleased with how the sale "looks" on our pages. We have subscribed and we highly recommend the Seller Tools - ALL OF THEM!

Gayla and Al Esch from thejewelseeker, 5568 sales

I like the keyword tool, It really puts things in perspective. I love the ability to see what is the most popular in my shop via views and purchases. The sort function is awesome! I just clicked on the analytics reporting page for the first time today and it seems like there is a lot of meaty information there!

Jill Italiano from HouseofMetalworks, 13767 sales

My sales increased since I started using Seller Tools! It helped me to find proper keywords.

Wedding Invitations from luxuryweddinvitation, 581 sales

The business stats graphics for the whole month are engaging and insightful. And the sales map is my favorite feature thus far!

HandiworkinGirls from HandiworkinGirls, 951 sales

I love all of the promotional and shop data tools Seller Tools provides. These proved to be very useful features. And I was very pleased with the excellent technical support!

Suzanne Davis Harden from WingsPublications, 169 sales