What people say about Seller Tools

It is easy to use. I like the flexibility. I like the integration.

Donna Hersker from DesertSkyQuilts, 249 sales

Seller Tools helps me automate promotion that I probably would have not done. To me it is much easier than trying to figure it out myself.

Christine Tarski from WhispersintheGlen, 842 sales

Social media promotion tool saving a lot of time. The usage of Seller Tools increased traffic at my shop, definitely and for the two weeks of trial I've had an increase in sales.

Sophie from CanotStop, 459 sales

You can discount your entire store in just a few clicks!

Creative Blessings from CreativeBlessings22, 376 sales

I really like that Seller Tools includes the other social media sites like Pinterest. These generally tend to cost extra to add. Being able to schedule different social media platforms with different schedules is awesome!

Julie Dulong from JDzigner, 292 sales