What people say about Seller Tools

I have definitely seen an increase in views and visits to my shop!

Shoshana Cohen from YoMoEssentials, 329 sales

I love it! Increased my views and likes like crazy! From the first day I had increased visitors every time a new scheduled post went out!

Lachelle Kimball from SewUniqueBagsetc, 686 sales

I like the FREE sales events! I stopped using Etsy on Sale application because of all the freebies with Seller Tools!

Melanie from WoodlandMarket, 992 sales

Great increase in shop views/visits! More interaction on social media platforms with potential clients.

Jennifer from SweetenedSimplicity, 413 sales

I really like Favathons. It gives my Etsy shop a boost.

Leather Paws NY from LeatherPaws, 11034 sales