What people say about Seller Tools

I really like that Seller Tools includes the other social media sites like Pinterest. These generally tend to cost extra to add. Being able to schedule different social media platforms with different schedules is awesome!

Julie Dulong from JDzigner, 328 sales

I like the FREE sales events! I stopped using Etsy on Sale application because of all the freebies with Seller Tools!

Melanie from WoodlandMarket, 992 sales

Views have increased since I began using Seller Tools. I do love the ability to create treasuries easily. Overall use of the product is simple and streamlined, and I have noticed an increase in sales since I started using the application!

Brigid N Thomas McHugh from KiltedSuds, 1059 sales

Easy to use once reading the howtos. My views increased two fold! Love the coupons and scheduled posts tools.

Sarah Durall from BluegrassGypsyDesign, 428 sales

I love that the sale price appears in big red letters, and helps to attract customers! I had a problem trying to figure out how to use this tool and Seller Tools support answered quickly and helped me with that.

Marcela Mac Laughlin from HelloTalii, 8676 sales