What people say about Seller Tools

I really like that Seller Tools includes the other social media sites like Pinterest. These generally tend to cost extra to add. Being able to schedule different social media platforms with different schedules is awesome!

Julie Dulong from JDzigner, 335 sales

I really like Favathons. It gives my Etsy shop a boost.

Leather Paws NY from LeatherPaws, 6940 sales

I have definitely seen an increase in views and visits to my shop!

Shoshana Cohen from YoMoEssentials, 278 sales

I liked the fact that I could promote my items on my social networks while being able to take time off at the same time. I didn't have to be online to promote. Anything to save time is a blessing for my business!

Heidi Gilmore from BodyJewelryChains, 2218 sales

I use Seller Tools to tweet my Etsy products. I love the automated feature meaning I just had to set it up once and leave it to tweet automatically for me. I liked that I could choose my main product photo for my tweets and the frequency of tweets. I have noticed increased views on my Etsy shop directly from the Seller Tools auto tweets!

Elizabeth Anne Norris from eanjewellery, 763 sales