What people say about Seller Tools

I'm so happy that the new feature allowing me to share my feedback! I'm loving it!

Shere'e Edwards from RaeMarieEssentials, 511 sales

I love the ease of promoting items in my shop through social media. I love that I can set automated promos as well as manual, because I can promote new listings easily manually and promote my existing listings with the automated version.

Leesa (waalaa) from waalaa, 2552 sales

Seller Tools has increased my exposure on social network websites by picking random and targeted posts. These posts have brought in new people and likes that otherwise would have likely missed the content they enjoyed. Seller Tools has also been fantastic at keeping up with new content and posting it to our networks for people to both like and buy. All this has brought in more fans and increased our exposure a great deal; ultimately leading to an increase in sales. Thank you Seller Tools!

James and Katie Joyner from FoxyExpressions, 6399 sales

I noticed views increasing, and it was easier and less time consuming to promote.

Jen Hughey from GeekyGamerGirls, 1322 sales

I like the keyword tool, It really puts things in perspective. I love the ability to see what is the most popular in my shop via views and purchases. The sort function is awesome! I just clicked on the analytics reporting page for the first time today and it seems like there is a lot of meaty information there!

Jill Italiano from HouseofMetalworks, 28799 sales