What people say about Seller Tools

I like the Sales Events Tool! Especially how it put the sale price at the top of the listing and how it calculates the percentages and shows the "sale" and "was" prices!

Sue Summers from VintageSummersLtd, 1455 sales

The scheduled Twitter and Facebook posts are working!!! My traffic has almost doubled in the first week of using this tool. I have worked hard for the last year to create 900 followers on my Twitter account and its working because some of my items are being seen by over 10K people!

Vintage Thriftnstyle from VintageThriftnstyle, 1582 sales

I like the automated schedules! It is easy to promote and I am promoting without being on the computer. I like it all!

Ana Sofia Rafael from CeramicaAnaRafael, 1051 sales

I like being able to automate my social media posts. It has increased visits to my shop & views of my products.

Ashley Black from LovelyRoseApothecary, 803 sales

What is the most useful for me is that I can schedule posts for my shop throughout the day. Even if I was sitting at my computer all day long, I wouldn't be able to keep posting for different time zones worldwide.

Mary Beth from TheGinghamLife, 1415 sales