What people say about Seller Tools

Seller Tools has helped my stats very much and it has given me much more time to make my items and not be on the computer so much promoting!

Marilyn Gilmore from gilmoreproducts33, 3405 sales

I like Seller Tools ease of use, clear categories and uncluttered design. Sorting possibility in your shop analytics is amazing, I really love to see which products are my top performers.

Aiste from DropOfAmber, 386 sales

Easy to use, intuitive, easy to customize... I liked the sales feature and that the app isn't as buggy as similar apps out there.

Meghan Throckmorton from rakunshop, 614 sales

I loved the fact that Seller Tools helped me out to increase favorites number of my shop items. This lead to a 3 sold items. I also did not have to create coupons to make a sale and the new sale price was set automatically for each product.

sheila johnson from TwoSistersBling, 126 sales

I like the Treasury Tool the best! I like the notices it sends to the people I add to my treasuries.

Tracy T. from Craftyscientists, 877 sales