What people say about Seller Tools

It is easy to work with, and helps in streamlining promotions. I like the way it links to the social media.

Liana from VancouverBamboo, 7056 sales

It is very comfortable that Seller Tools shares my listings for me in the social media around the clock. My stats were high and I have increased my followers in Tweeter.

Erka S. from OldMag, 621 sales

The scheduled Twitter and Facebook posts are working!!! My traffic has almost doubled in the first week of using this tool. I have worked hard for the last year to create 900 followers on my Twitter account and its working because some of my items are being seen by over 10K people!

Vintage Thriftnstyle from VintageThriftnstyle, 1244 sales

Seller Tools increased my views and favorites, and also helped me to manage sales events!

Vitaliya from ITALcreations, 142 sales

I like Seller Tools ease of use. I was able to get this going without much effort. It was also easy to understand. As a new Etsy seller a lot is confusing, but this wasn't.

Margie Sarrao from ZenCatPottery, 774 sales