What people say about Seller Tools

I've never experienced scheduled posts for social media -- love it! Easily posting my listing reviews to social media is excellent! It's one of those things that's so awkward to do manually. Surprised with attentive and personal attention through the built in conversations and really appreciate that.

Lori Lee from Twistmo, 8649 sales

I like the FREE sales events! I stopped using Etsy on Sale application because of all the freebies with Seller Tools!

Melanie from WoodlandMarket, 992 sales

I really like how easy it is to exclude the listings that I don't wish to view or favorite. And then view or favorite those listings I chose to do at a click of a button! Super easy to do on my Android phone too! And it's free! I can launch an item in my shop as long as I have the appropriate amount of credits.

Cheryl Paz from MerrywoodFarm, 209 sales

It is a clean looking site that is easy to navigate. I really like the fact that I can post my items for a week at a time or use the weekly posting button. This helps me save a lot of time for other things, like making my items and also, most importantly, taking care of the family.

Rose Belyea from AllYouNeedIsBeads, 199 sales

I love the ease of use, and speed of tools. Also, how much time it saves me each week.

David Caren from ZenRoseGarden, 1804 sales