What people say about Seller Tools

My fav? Setting up my week all in one moment, then getting back at what I'm good at while this app works. I kept being surprised, pleasantly so, by posts being made on social media while I was doing something else entirely. I really liked being able to set up multiple social posts at once. I must say, utilizing my feedback to make social media posts is an amazing touch I'd never used. I have awesome feedback, so this should have been a no-brainer! I found the app super easy to use, no tricks there. I LOVE the ease, simpleness in understanding, on sight, how to set things up. SO intuitive!

Susan Porter from LessonLites, 2427 sales

The best thing is knowing the trending keywords and being able to figure out where I am in the search results based on those keywords! The treasury tool is very handy as well as the coupon creator. I had never done a treasury till Seller Tools! Creating coupons is easy and it posts to social media which is nice.

Lilian Charapich from MadeByLilian, 2643 sales

I like Seller Tools ease of use, clear categories and uncluttered design. Sorting possibility in your shop analytics is amazing, I really love to see which products are my top performers.

Aiste from DropOfAmber, 386 sales

I really love the ability to automate my social media posts. I really feel it has helped increase my views and sales. it makes social media effortless. The Treasury tool is also great, and allows you to create treasuries with other sellers that are reciprocal. I have really liked Seller Tools!

Kelli Sanders from 1325Gifts, 679 sales

Seller Tools helps me automate promotion that I probably would have not done. To me it is much easier than trying to figure it out myself.

Christine Tarski from WhispersintheGlen, 890 sales