What people say about Seller Tools

I like how you can promote products at different social media without spending more than a minute!

Jo Stamatakis from JosCreationsGR, 655 sales

The best thing is knowing the trending keywords and being able to figure out where I am in the search results based on those keywords! The treasury tool is very handy as well as the coupon creator. I had never done a treasury till Seller Tools! Creating coupons is easy and it posts to social media which is nice.

Lilian Charapich from MadeByLilian, 3738 sales

It has allowed us to clear out old inventory with the sale feature! Our Etsy sales are 293% up since we started using Seller Tools! We are very happy to finally have our Etsy Store as successful as our Amazon!

Tanya from GroupOneDogGallery, 1479 sales

Great increase in shop views/visits! More interaction on social media platforms with potential clients.

Jennifer from SweetenedSimplicity, 411 sales

I especially like the promotion tools which has easy schedule set up with all options I need. Saving a LOT of time on a daily basis! Keyword and trend tools give information to think about and to improve the tags and titles, really helpful. And since this is dynamic, you can stay tuned to the changes in the area of your interest with no waste of time for search it in other way.

Sophia Rodionov from CanotStopPrints, 6136 sales