What people say about Seller Tools

Using the Seller Tools for my sales promotion was such a time saver and it's so easy to use!

SCLadyDi from SCLadyDiJewelry, 5933 sales

Easy to use features and nice setup!

Jordan Valkov from JewellBoxUK, 4235 sales

I like how I can boost my shop visibility without spending a lot of time!

Stephania Tomentosa from TomentosaShop, 526 sales

I liked the ease of use - clear headings and segmentation. Analytics section is awesome! Great tool to simply see what is selling well and what brings most income.

Aiste from DreamPaws, 307 sales

It was an easy way to set up a quick pre-Christmas sale across my entire shop. I like how easy it was to set up!

Katie Eleri Pritchard from MotleyTrinkets, 166 sales