What people say about Seller Tools

I am noticing a definite improvement in views and favorites daily using Seller Tools. I am impressed with how easy the Seller Tools site is to use and the versatility of use. I find myself checking daily.

jenn from EMTWTT, 855 sales

What is the most useful for me is that I can schedule posts for my shop throughout the day. Even if I was sitting at my computer all day long, I wouldn't be able to keep posting for different time zones worldwide.

Mary Beth from TheGinghamLife, 2090 sales

The sales event manager is easy to use, efficient and allows to specify a sale on each item! Love it!

Lisa Despart from OldLogInnNaturals, 337 sales

I like the FREE sales events! I stopped using Etsy on Sale application because of all the freebies with Seller Tools!

Melanie from WoodlandMarket, 992 sales

Simple and easy to use! Saves time posting on individual social media sites so I can work on other projects.

Everjoy Luxuries from EverjoyLuxuries, 105 sales