What people say about Seller Tools

The traffic in my Etsy shop increased! I was also impressed by the quick feedback, and the answers to my concerns. Thank you!

Nancy Haun from MimisJewelryBoutique, 1490 sales

I loved the top 10 listings and what keywords they were using!

Ashley from CherubHouse, 137 sales

Easy to use, intuitive, easy to customize... I liked the sales feature and that the app isn't as buggy as similar apps out there.

Meghan Throckmorton from rakunshop, 614 sales

It is very comfortable that Seller Tools shares my listings for me in the social media around the clock. My stats were high and I have increased my followers in Tweeter.

Erka S. from OldMag, 750 sales

It is great that I can automate posts and publish to both my FB page and sub page. I also like the fact that I can go in to "History" and check that my posts have been executed.

Ellen MillerBraun from EllenCalligraphyArt, 112 sales