What people say about Seller Tools

I like the Treasury Tool the best! I like the notices it sends to the people I add to my treasuries.

Tracy T. from Craftyscientists, 858 sales

The automatic post publishing in my social media pages is really useful for my business and saves my time!

Party Instant from PartyInstant, 4503 sales

Seller Tools is very helpful and really effective, it changed my shop sales!

Jeong Lee from i1it, 650 sales

I've really enjoyed the schedules - the promotions have definitely freed me up to create more! The treasury creator is easy and wonderful to use too!

Sherry Luke from sherrysjewelry, 127 sales

It is easy to work with, and helps in streamlining promotions. I like the way it links to the social media.

Liana from VancouverBamboo, 10267 sales