What people say about Seller Tools

Seller Tools is very user friendly. I like that it gives you all the information you need to improve your Etsy shop. It also gives you hints on keywords to use that help you sell your merchandise.

Margie Peck from MargieAtticFinds, 269 sales

Views have increased since I began using Seller Tools. I do love the ability to create treasuries easily. Overall use of the product is simple and streamlined, and I have noticed an increase in sales since I started using the application!

Brigid N Thomas McHugh from KiltedSuds, 1092 sales

I like being able to automate the social media posts. It's helpful to have the posts run automatically so I don't have to think about them. Being able to use different social media accounts is great!

hopskipjumppaper from HopSkipJumpPaper, 19789 sales

I love automation of all the postings to social media as well as having the store on sale. Great tools!

Ana Vincentelli from HealingAtlas, 2570 sales

Seller Tools makes my day more productive! Using posting schedules makes promotion process easier.

Artur Antunes from CorkCraftsClay, 355 sales