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We support major marketplaces and social networks and constantly working on adding new platforms.


All our tools designed with simplicity at the core. Most of our products can be used within just 5 clicks and you are always in control.


With our awesome app you can get rid of promotion routines and free up so much time for things that matter!


Our unique marketing tools help sellers find shortest ways to their target audience. Don't know your target audience yet? We can help!


Always plan ahead. Seller Tools not only saves your time but also helps you to do a smart scheduling and business planning.


With Seller Tools you can easily see your strong and weak points and track changes in time.


Join our seller only community. Get help or lead the community with helping others.


We deliver customer service you can rely on. Ask us anything via live chat or email. You will always get an answer.

Efficient tools

Social media marketing toolkit

Take full advantage of your social media pages. Promote your products, coupons and sales events. Share your customers positive feedback to build a community of loyal buyers around your social media pages.

Coupons and sales events management

Run your sales events and create coupon codes as easy as 5 clicks. The intergration with social media productivity tool allows you automatically notify your followers about ongoing events.

Competitive analysis and market research

Get actionable insights based on your niche leaders detailed analysis. Do market research to pick most popular keywords and improve your shop performance. Track search result ranking in time.

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More great features

Auto renewing agent

Automatically renew your listings enjoying flexibility and efficiency of this tool.

Trend analysis

Know what's trending and use this knowledge to get more traffic to your shop.

Fraud prevention

Protect yourself from dishonest buyers and unfair review manipulators.

Analytics and reports

Get access to valuable insights and receive reports with our suggestions for improvement.

Check out all our apps, and more being added all the time

Trusted by 6950+ sellers all over the world

  • I am just finding out about Seller Tools and am very excited because it looks like this is going to make running business much easier!

    Carrie Jenkins from BBOWSBOUTIQUE, 3937 sales
  • The Seller Tools is very convenient! I love that it posts to my social media channels for me!

    ShonnasVintage from ShonnasVintage, 1937 sales
  • It is easy to work with, and helps in streamlining promotions. I like the way it links to the social media.

    Liana from vancouverbamboo, 4010 sales
  • My shop views are increasing!

    Sandi Hagan from BikiniSandi, 1644 sales
  • I like being able to automate the social media posts. It's helpful to have the posts run automatically so I don't have to think about them. Being able to use different social media accounts is great!

    hopskipjumppaper from HopSkipJumpPaper, 17542 sales
  • Very easy to use and implement into my Etsy shop!

    Joe Uribe from LushesCurtains, 3024 sales
  • The sales event manager is simple and effective. I have also used the reviews manager for posting on social media. It is great and helps to gain followers.

    Gill from EasilySuede, 2247 sales
  • I use the social media productivity tool for posting to Facebook and Pinterest etc. The reporting is very good - showing what is doing well and categorizing all sorts of things.

    Sue Freer from SuesUpcyclednVintage, 1052 sales
  • Seller Tools has increased my exposure on social network websites by picking random and targeted posts. These posts have brought in new people and likes that otherwise would have likely missed the content they enjoyed. Seller Tools has also been fantastic at keeping up with new content and posting it to our networks for people to both like and buy. All this has brought in more fans and increased our exposure a great deal; ultimately leading to an increase in sales. Thank you Seller Tools!

    James and Katie Joyner from FoxyExpressions, 2772 sales
  • Loving Seller Tools. Automated schedules are very easy to use. My views and sales have seriously increased. Thanks a lot! And customer support is really great and quick.

    Sophie Juramy from SophieLadyDeParis, 1357 sales
  • Less hassle. I didn't have to worry about if I posted some information. I just knew it was done and I could move on to other very important things.

    Matt Wisnieski from XDDesigns, 1508 sales
  • I love automation of all the postings to social media as well as having the store on sale. Great tools!

    Ana Vincentelli from HealingAtlas, 1030 sales
  • I especially like the promotion tools which has easy schedule set up with all options I need. Saving a LOT of time on a daily basis! Keyword and trend tools give information to think about and to improve the tags and titles, really helpful. And since this is dynamic, you can stay tuned to the changes in the area of your interest with no waste of time for search it in other way.

    Sophie R from CanotStopPrints, 1487 sales
  • I really like Favathons. It gives my Etsy shop a boost.

    Leather Paws NY from LeatherPaws, 1795 sales
  • The SEO keywords and trends are great tools! They help me a lot with my new listings!

    Ilona from MintAndGlamour, 2961 sales
  • I love how comprehensive Seller Tools reports are, they went on and on! I couldn't believe how much information was available that I have never been able to dig down into before. I can't wait to really sit down and delve further and take advantage of all this valuable data. I like the ease of use of the Seller Tools and treasury tool is wonderful! I still like to custom pick my treasuries rather than make them look spammy, and Treasury tool allows me to do that. I can easily search on my theme and quickly discard unwanted options. I have noticed an increase in shop views and sales already and I have hardly even taken advantage of all the tools available as yet!

    Cheryl Wright from BehindGreenDoors, 1381 sales
  • I like the keyword tool, It really puts things in perspective. I love the ability to see what is the most popular in my shop via views and purchases. The sort function is awesome! I just clicked on the analytics reporting page for the first time today and it seems like there is a lot of meaty information there!

    Jill Italiano from HouseofMetalworks, 12493 sales
  • Using the Seller Tools for my sales promotion was such a time saver and it's so easy to use!

    SCLadyDi from SCLadyDiJewelry, 1733 sales
  • I like the ease of using the tools, promotion and analytics. love getting the emails for trending items!

    Dennis and Kay from kayskrafts, 2766 sales
  • Awesome! I love it so much! Seller Tools has been very helpful in gaining sales for my shop.

    TheOldJunkTrunk from TheOldJunkTrunk, 2628 sales
  • My sales increased and I am learning more about my shop! Keywords are very important to be recognized and helps getting sales.

    Hat Envy Scrub Hats from HatEnvyScrubHats, 11517 sales
  • Seller Tools saves lots of my time! And I love the analytics with details!

    Arucha Muangdej from Herbs4Health, 1732 sales
  • I love that i can promote my stuff so easily and how Seller Tools connected my shop with my social channels!

    Jacqui Layne from WackyJacquisDesigns, 1015 sales
  • I've gone up about an average of 50 views per day and received an average of 3 more sales per week!

    Sugar Plum Fairy from JBHomemadeShop, 2626 sales
  • Great tools! I like auto post schedules and ease of use. Seller Tools saves my time!

    bwithu from bwithustudio, 6916 sales
  • I love the scheduled social media posts and the ease of use making those posts!

    Deborah O'Leary from DeborahOLearyPattern, 6240 sales
  • I love that the sale price appears in big red letters, and helps to attract customers! I had a problem trying to figure out how to use this tool and Seller Tools support answered quickly and helped me with that.

    Marcela Mac Laughlin from HelloTalii, 3907 sales
  • The automatic post publishing in my social media pages is really useful for my business and saves my time!

    Party Instant from PartyInstant, 4503 sales
  • I like Facebook posting the most! The hashtags are great and integration between Etsy and Seller Tools is smooth!

    Osnat Avni from Avnis, 16525 sales
  • I liked the fact that I could promote my items on my social networks while being able to take time off at the same time. I didn't have to be online to promote. Anything to save time is a blessing for my business!

    Heidi Gilmore from TheMysticalOasisGlow, 1631 sales
  • Favathons tool is great, as well as scheduling sales! I also like the trending section, although some of the graphs are a bit confusing.

    Helen Broom from vintagepoetic, 1184 sales
  • Seller Tools is really good and easy to use. It increased my Pinterest followers number.

    harajuku ming from CaptClothingVintage, 2474 sales
  • I used Seller Tools for my sales. It was easy to set up, free of charge and sales were visible.

    Ingrida from LivePastVintage, 2417 sales
  • Seller Tools is very user friendly and even with having over 875 items in my store the sales event started very quickly. Very impressive!

    Lisa G from sweetpeaonlinegifts, 3071 sales
  • Seller Tools has helped my stats very much and it has given me much more time to make my items and not be on the computer so much promoting!

    Marilyn Gilmore from ABarefootSandalsShop, 2424 sales
  • I love the ease of promoting items in my shop through social media. I love that I can set automated promos as well as manual, because I can promote new listings easily manually and promote my existing listings with the automated version.

    Leesa (waalaa) from waalaa, 1782 sales
  • I like the ease of use for the posting schedules and that I can edit my schedule or add a new one any time I need. I love that I get a super fast response from your tech team - amazing!

    Debi from MyVintageJewels, 3606 sales
  • I really love using Seller Tools, not only for creating sales, but for the treasuries. I think those help my sales more than anything. I've been able to make one very easily and quickly. The best part is the notifications you send out after the treasury is made!

    Kat Blowers from FugitiveKatCreations, 1609 sales
  • Our views have doubled since using the Favathons! I have been able to save an incredible amount of time by scheduling my social media shares and using the Treasury Tool. We recently started a sale in our shop, and are so pleased with how the sale "looks" on our pages. We have subscribed and we highly recommend the Seller Tools - ALL OF THEM!

    Gayla and Al Esch from thejewelseeker, 4884 sales
  • Very easy to set up and use. I like the way the images are displayed and how it can choose random items to post.

    livingavntglife from LivingAVntgLife, 1093 sales
  • I love the Favathons! It sure has put lots of action to my store. I also like scheduling my tweets and Pinterest posts to more then one Pinterest board. It's great that I can do sales and social media schedules in one place instead of using EtsyOnSale and AroundIO. It is a one stop do it all!

    cindy cooley from serendipitytreasure, 2742 sales
  • I am very pleased! The program is gorgeous! Everything is perfect!

    Małgorzata Drozd from KnitwearFactory, 1626 sales
  • Easy to use, saved me a lot of time!!!

    Pat Parker from PatsPottery, 1929 sales
  • I like that my items are promoted when I'm not able to promote them! It's easy to use and schedule!

    Cindy from CinLynnBoutique, 1107 sales
  • It takes just a few minutes to schedule posting and treasury, it is a time saver! It also notifies people that have been treasured.

    carole from ClassyLeather, 1257 sales

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