How long does it take to start sales event?

Any sales event setup process is very straightforward and takes about one minute (depends on listings you want to include/exclude from the event). The actual listings change process takes a little bit more. Typical time for full propagation is 5-10 minutes after sales event start time and directly depends on the number of listings you want to put on sale. 

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I mostly liked the sale tool, where I put my whole shop on sale. I found it easier to use and more accurate then the EtsyOnSale app I tried once before. This is also a better value for the money I think, and it does Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest posting, which I pay another app for as well. I am probably going to cancel the EtsyFu service and just use this since it works just as well and its all in one service with the sale app and the analytics feature is very nice. It is pretty much multiple existing Etsy apps all rolled into one with a nice easy to use interface.