Introducing Etsy listing renewal manager

We are very excited to announce our new tool for Etsy sellers - Listing renewal manager! With this tool you will be able to set up manual or automated renewal schedules for your products just in a few clicks.

 Introducing Renewal manager

Your listings recency is quite important criteria for your shop SEO. In particular, each product renewal:

  • improves product position in search results

  • improves products position on category page

  • makes your item to appear on your shop admirers home pages, so you get additional exposure

With Listing renewal manager you can schedule a one-time manual renewals or create an automated schedules. Within automated renewals you can select entire shop, specific categories or listings for renewal. You can also exclude any of them as well. The renewal frequency is very flexible: from once per 5 minutes to once per a week.

You can renew:

  • random listings

  • best/worst selling products

  • best/worst revenue products

  • oldest/newest items

  • most/least recently renewed items

  • listings with highest/lowest number of views/favorites

Also you can schedule renewals based on your budget, period of time or total renewals number. Renewal schedules are very flexible! It will take just a minute to create a schedule and then you don't need to worry about it anymore. The Renewal manager will renew your products based on the settings of your schedule.

Manage your renewals with Listing renewal manager by Seller Tools!

P.S.: please don't forget that Etsy charges 0.2 USD per each listing renewal.