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Use personalized links to avoid Etsy recommended items on your shop pages

Using this little trick you can get rid of the Etsy recommended products on your shop pages.

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How is my pricing? Are my prices too high? Should I lower my prices? Is the price right? Seller Tools explains how to price your products like a pro.

How is my pricing? Are my prices too high? Should I lower my prices? Is the price right? Seller Tools explains how to price your products like a pro.

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30 reasons why customers don't buy from your Etsy shop

There are quite a few reasons why buyers might leave your shop without making a purchase, even though they liked your product or at least were interested in it. Here is a list of most common reasons that can scare off customers from your Etsy shop.

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How it works: Shop Updates

It's been almost a year since Etsy launched their new feature for Sell on Etsy application users - Shop Updates. And yet a lot of sellers don't use it on a regular basis or even use it at all. We decided to take a closer look at this tool and help you understand how you can promote your shop products using Shop Updates.

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How it works: Etsy Wholesale

Etsy is a great place to sell your handmade products. But did you know you can also get your business to a new level using Etsy Wholesale? Etsy Wholesale is a business-to-business platform that connects artists and designers with retail businesses. Let's take a closer look at Etsy Wholesale and how it works.

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Etsy promoted listings vs listing renewals: what works better?

We ran some sort of experiment recently. The goal was to figure out what works better for promoting items on Etsy: manual items re-listing or promoted listing ads provided by Etsy. Both ways are popular on Etsy and used by sellers a lot. But which one is the winner?

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How it works: understanding Etsy reviews

A lot of sellers don't quite understand how reviews on Etsy work. In general, Etsy reviews system works just as any other review system. However there are a few specific moments about Etsy reviews that we will explain in this article.

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15 reasons why your shop doesn't get much sales

If your items are well made, high quality products you shouldn't have much trouble to sell them. However we all know that sometimes it's not that easy.

 Introducing Renewal manager

We are very excited to announce our new tool for Etsy sellers - Listing renewal manager! With this tool you will be able to set up manual or automated renewal schedules for your products just in a few clicks.

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 International shipping on Etsy: why it shouldn't scare you

There is a lot of reasons why Etsy sellers don't ship internationally. Some sellers think that no one would pay this much to get their products, especially if item itself costs less than shipping. Others know that international shipping requires customs declaration and additional paperwork. Finally, nobody wants to deal with unhappy customers who might be upset about shipping time, customs fees, total shipping price, etc.

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