Updated customer email templates for your Shopify store

Recently Shopify updated their customer email templates which now are easily customizable to show off your brand in every email notification.

 Updated customer email templates for your Shopify store

This update allows merchants to upload a logo image, set the logo image size and choose an accent color for their email notifications.

To update your email templates go to "Settings > Notifications" and click on "Customize" button. Then you'll be able to add your logo image, choose logo width and accent colors. You will also see all your changes live on the preview of the email template, which is very convenient. To go through all available templates just click right and left navigation buttons on the top right corner of the preview box.

Once you pick your accent colors or logo it will be saved by default for previews for all of your email notifications, so you don't need to choose color and image file for each template again. Don't forget to click on "Save" button on top right corner to apply these changes.

Also note that two new notifications have been added to your store - "Out for delivery" and "Delivered" notifications. You can preview and customize these notifications as well before they go live and start being sent to your customers on June 14, 2016.