Backup your Etsy shop data
with Seller Tools

The automatic shop backup service by Seller Tools provides robust and no hassle way for creating your Etsy data backups. You can easily store daily, weekly, monthly and yearly copies on your Dropbox or Google Drive storage. 52% of small businesses have suffered data loss for many different reasons: due to end-users deleting information, overwriting data or because hackers deleted info. Yes, people make mistakes, systems fail and sh*t happens.

Automatic shop backup by Seller Tools

54% of small businesses back up every day. To create a new automatic backup schedule just connect your file storage account, select what and how often you want to back up and click "Save". That's it, it takes literally just one minute! Seller Tools will take care of everything else. We will create a copy of your shop settings, policies, FAQs, coupons, listings (including variations), product photos and customers reviews and upload it to your private storage account. Please note, we don't backup or access your billing and any other sensitive information for common-sense reasons.

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