Run your sales events with Seller Tools

Sales event manager provides smart and no hassle way for running sales events on Etsy. It supports two types of sales events - regular sales and clearances. All you need is to pick your sale start and end dates, select on sale listings and set your discount. It takes literally one minute! Seller Tools will take care of everything else: modify your listing prices, titles and descriptions, create on sale photo for every listing based on your settings and publish your sale to social media right after it started. This is how your on sale shop items might look like:

Of course after sales event is over all your listing will be put back to original state (titles, photos, prices, descriptions - everything). At the same time the sales event manager is a very flexible tool - you can modify your listings when your sales event is in progress (and your changes will be in place). You can put on sale as many listings as you need (from one item to entire shop). You can optionally add a prefix to listing title and description and set either fixed or percent discount. Everything is under your control!

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Why Seller Tools?

1. It's easy to use - we created an user interface which allows to schedule a sale within just a minute!
2. It's fast and reliable - hundreds of sellers trust us and run theirs sales events with Seller Tools!
3. It's smart - you can publish your sale to social media automatically right after it started.
4. It's backed by excellent customer care - our support team is ready to assist you with any questions.

  • I really like the fact that there is so much information here. I have really learned a lot about how to market my Etsy site. The sale I have going is really helping my sales and my brand name is being recognized. The hourly postings to FB, Pinterest and Twitter are such a time saver for me. You also have great "help". The person I talked to answered all of my questions perfectly and even gave me more "tips" on how to promote my site.

    Alexis Angela from WatercolorLogoHut, 618 sales
  • I love all of the promotional and shop data tools Seller Tools provides. These proved to be very useful features. And I was very pleased with the excellent technical support!

    Suzanne Davis Harden from WingsPublications, 209 sales
  • It has allowed us to clear out old inventory with the sale feature! Our Etsy sales are 293% up since we started using Seller Tools! We are very happy to finally have our Etsy Store as successful as our Amazon!

    Tanya from GroupOneDogGallery, 1859 sales
  • I like being able to put everything in my shop on sale at once!

    draillia from Draillia, 18 sales
  • Seller Tools increased my views and favorites, and also helped me to manage sales events!

    Vitaliya from ITALcreations, 142 sales
  • The sales event manager is simple and effective. I have also used the reviews manager for posting on social media. It is great and helps to gain followers.

    Gill from EasilySuede, 2936 sales
  • I love automation of all the postings to social media as well as having the store on sale. Great tools!

    Ana Vincentelli from HealingAtlas, 4770 sales
  • Using the Seller Tools for my sales promotion was such a time saver and it's so easy to use!

    SCLadyDi from SCLadyDiJewelry, 5933 sales
  • I like being able to make treasuries and run sales really easily!

    Noah Minafo from CollegeDreaminKid, 2411 sales
  • Easy to use, intuitive, easy to customize... I liked the sales feature and that the app isn't as buggy as similar apps out there.

    Meghan Throckmorton from rakunshop, 614 sales
  • Very easy to use! I loved that Seller Tools got me more views by posting on Twitter for me. I also liked the sales tool. Very helpful for a busy working person who can't spend their time on social media sites.

    Denise Lee Porter from niseylee, 559 sales
  • It was an easy way to set up a quick pre-Christmas sale across my entire shop. I like how easy it was to set up!

    Katie Eleri Pritchard from MotleyTrinkets, 166 sales
  • Seller Tools helped me to manage my shops holiday sales by automatically updating listings that were posted.

    Judenette from IllPreparedVintage, 110 sales
  • I love the simplicity of scheduling posts. I had been trying to keep up with that myself, and some days (like the last four) were so crazy I wouldn't post at all. Scheduling sales events is super simple as well, and you make the graphic for me, which was fantastic! Having the red text draws the eye, and really stands out. I have yet to try Favathons, but I'm working on Clickathons a little bit several times a day. I have already seen results in traffic to my shop!

    Shannon from TheRosaryLady, 954 sales
  • I love that the sale price appears in big red letters, and helps to attract customers! I had a problem trying to figure out how to use this tool and Seller Tools support answered quickly and helped me with that.

    Marcela Mac Laughlin from HelloTalii, 17272 sales
  • It's easy to use, no special knowledge needed! It increased my views and it was free! I really like the sales events, very helpful.

    mademe athens from mademeathens, 117 sales
  • I like the FREE sales events! I stopped using Etsy on Sale application because of all the freebies with Seller Tools!

    Melanie from WoodlandMarket, 992 sales
  • I liked how easy it is to create a sales event and how it displays in my shop. It is also very easy to schedule sales events.

    Lia Galletti from LiaJewelryDesigns, 82 sales
  • Very quick and easy to use to set up sales! Everything done in a few clicks!

    Rowes FlyingNeedles from RowesFlyingNeedles, 404 sales
  • Great tools and I love the sales event manager and favathons!

    Bre from aknitsystore, 52 sales
  • You can discount your entire store in just a few clicks!

    Creative Blessings from CreativeBlessings22, 712 sales
  • The sales event manager is easy to use, efficient and allows to specify a sale on each item! Love it!

    Lisa Despart from OldLogInnNaturals, 337 sales
  • I loved the fact that Seller Tools helped me out to increase favorites number of my shop items. This lead to a 3 sold items. I also did not have to create coupons to make a sale and the new sale price was set automatically for each product.

    sheila johnson from TwoSistersBling, 126 sales
  • My sale just started and I've had increased views on the sale items. I like the added exposure to my products and the fact that Seller Tools assists sellers.

    Kathy from KatTailsVintage, 509 sales
  • I used Seller Tools for my sales. It was easy to set up, free of charge and sales were visible.

    Ingrida from LivePastVintage, 9114 sales
  • Seller Tools is very user friendly and even with having over 875 items in my store the sales event started very quickly. Very impressive!

    Lisa G from sweetpeaonlinegifts, 3274 sales
  • I really love using Seller Tools, not only for creating sales, but for the treasuries. I think those help my sales more than anything. I've been able to make one very easily and quickly. The best part is the notifications you send out after the treasury is made!

    Kat from FugitiveKatCreations, 12046 sales
  • Our views have doubled since using the Favathons! I have been able to save an incredible amount of time by scheduling my social media shares and using the Treasury Tool. We recently started a sale in our shop, and are so pleased with how the sale "looks" on our pages. We have subscribed and we highly recommend the Seller Tools - ALL OF THEM!

    Gayla and Al Esch from thejewelseeker, 15046 sales
  • I love the Favathons! It sure has put lots of action to my store. I also like scheduling my tweets and Pinterest posts to more then one Pinterest board. It's great that I can do sales and social media schedules in one place instead of using EtsyOnSale and AroundIO. It is a one stop do it all!

    cindy cooley from serendipitytreasure, 6825 sales
  • I like that once I set up the sales events I don't have to worry about it and it manages itself! The user interface is really simple!

    Adrian from ThistlesAndIvy, 10 sales
  • I like auto post schedules. It is very easy to reach people in social media. I also like Sale Event Manager. It saves time for creating promotion to items. Favathons are fun and make more traffic to my shop.

    Sansanee T from ZenDesignx, 12 sales
  • I mostly liked the sale tool, where I put my whole shop on sale. I found it easier to use and more accurate then the EtsyOnSale app I tried once before. This is also a better value for the money I think, and it does Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest posting, which I pay another app for as well. I am probably going to cancel the EtsyFu service and just use this since it works just as well and its all in one service with the sale app and the analytics feature is very nice. It is pretty much multiple existing Etsy apps all rolled into one with a nice easy to use interface.

    Mamie Stubbs from MadeByMame, 407 sales
  • I like the Sales Events Tool! Especially how it put the sale price at the top of the listing and how it calculates the percentages and shows the "sale" and "was" prices!

    Sue Summers from VintageSummersLtd, 1587 sales