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Up to 88% of online shoppers incorporate reviews into their purchase decision-making process. We designed Review manager to help you build an audience of loyal customers via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. This means that now you can use our social media productivity tool for automatic posting of positive customers feedback, shop products, sales events, coupon codes.

But what about non-positive customers feedback? We covered that as well! With Review manager you can easily contact unsatisfied customers to resolve issues and check buyers profiles for weird patterns and feedback fraud attempts.

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  • It is a clean looking site that is easy to navigate. I really like the fact that I can post my items for a week at a time or use the weekly posting button. This helps me save a lot of time for other things, like making my items and also, most importantly, taking care of the family.

    Rose Belyea from AllYouNeedIsBeads, 199 sales
  • Seller Tools has powerful SEO and social media cross promotion tools, very good!

    Kursat Atalay from AgarthaTreasures, 195 sales
  • I like the idea to cross promote my products in social media like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. It's great that I can choose Pinterest board for promotion!

    riagr from VintageJewelries, 161 sales
  • I love the simpleness of Seller Tools! Very easy and intuitive to use. It helps me a lot when keyword researching for new listings, the automation it provides for different tasks and social media connections. Very helpful when it comes to scheduling for social media! Everything works great and is easy to navigate, find and use!

    DizzyDizzignz from DizzyDizzignz, 14 sales
  • Seller Tools saves me time by auto posting to social media. Gives me more time to focus on new products and customer orders.

    M from Decalstickersco, 38 sales
  • I've never experienced scheduled posts for social media -- love it! Easily posting my listing reviews to social media is excellent! It's one of those things that's so awkward to do manually. Surprised with attentive and personal attention through the built in conversations and really appreciate that.

    Lori Lee from Twistmo, 8649 sales
  • I really like the fact that there is so much information here. I have really learned a lot about how to market my Etsy site. The sale I have going is really helping my sales and my brand name is being recognized. The hourly postings to FB, Pinterest and Twitter are such a time saver for me. You also have great "help". The person I talked to answered all of my questions perfectly and even gave me more "tips" on how to promote my site.

    Alexis Angela from WatercolorLogoHut, 618 sales
  • My fav? Setting up my week all in one moment, then getting back at what I'm good at while this app works. I kept being surprised, pleasantly so, by posts being made on social media while I was doing something else entirely. I really liked being able to set up multiple social posts at once. I must say, utilizing my feedback to make social media posts is an amazing touch I'd never used. I have awesome feedback, so this should have been a no-brainer! I found the app super easy to use, no tricks there. I LOVE the ease, simpleness in understanding, on sight, how to set things up. SO intuitive!

    Susan Porter from LessonLites, 3465 sales
  • So easy to use! I love that you can select to have a full photo and text rather than a link looking post. The ability to post reviews is just awesome!

    Davina Farinola from MiniInkPhotoCards, 19 sales
  • Seller Tools auto scheduling really helps me out since I'm a one woman show.

    Amber Rockstar from AmberRockstar, 39456 sales
  • Even when I'm asleep, my products are being shared on social media, which is very nice.

    sevil nur yildirim from SCeramicsStudio, 68 sales
  • I have just began to use the Seller Tools, but up to this point, I love that I can post to more than one place within just a few minutes.

    Debra Byrom from DebrasCreativeCrafts, 953 sales
  • I loved the way that Seller Tools was able to put together posts with less effort on my part, so I could set up a post that would have taken me two minutes in a handful of seconds, and then schedule a lot of posts for the exact times I want to post, so I can be away from the computer and still be active on social media. I love that it has an SEO section to help me improve as well. All aspects are really quite helpful.

    Nadia Horn from TheCuddlyDragon, 37 sales
  • I like how you can promote products at different social media without spending more than a minute!

    Jo Stamatakis from JosCreationsGR, 655 sales
  • Easy to use once reading the howtos. My views increased two fold! Love the coupons and scheduled posts tools.

    Sarah Durall from BluegrassGypsyDesign, 627 sales
  • The auto-posting in Twitter and Facebook is a very awesome service!

    Magic Store from MagicGiftStore, 20 sales
  • It is great that I can automate posts and publish to both my FB page and sub page. I also like the fact that I can go in to "History" and check that my posts have been executed.

    Ellen MillerBraun from EllenCalligraphyArt, 121 sales
  • The Seller Tools is very convenient! I love that it posts to my social media channels for me!

    Shonna from ShonnasVintage, 2574 sales
  • It is easy to work with, and helps in streamlining promotions. I like the way it links to the social media.

    Liana from VancouverBamboo, 10983 sales
  • I like how easy it was to increase my views and likes. Being able to schedule posts to is great!

    smskiba from 2lefthands2lefthands, 1398 sales
  • I like being able to automate the social media posts. It's helpful to have the posts run automatically so I don't have to think about them. Being able to use different social media accounts is great!

    hopskipjumppaper from HopSkipJumpPaper, 20353 sales
  • I am a one person business and using the preset social media posts was a big relief. It's hard to stay on top of social media by myself.

    Kendall Malchuk from KendallMade, 240 sales
  • I love it! Increased my views and likes like crazy! From the first day I had increased visitors every time a new scheduled post went out!

    Lachelle Kimball from SewUniqueBagsetc, 686 sales
  • The best feature for me is being able to schedule Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook posts. I also like the automatic listing renewal tool.

    Cindy Burke from CindyBurkeOriginals, 872 sales
  • I love how I can manage a sale or clearance so effortlessly! This tool made it so easy to let everyone on social media know about my sale without having to do anything else! Im also loving the random listing postings!

    Becky Edwards from BirdiesSoapNest, 444 sales
  • I like that Seller Tools posts automatically for me, so my followers can see different items in my shop!

    ღ Heidi Abate ღ from AbateVintage, 1311 sales
  • I like the Seller Tools because it helps to keep my items in rotation on my social media sites.

    Loving Home from AGiftForHome, 17 sales
  • The social media posting feature is awesome! It saves a lot, and I mean A LOT of time. Seller Tools works fast and fluently, easy to understand and use! 10/10 for me :)

    Casemiro Arts from CasemiroArts, 57 sales
  • I LOVE how Seller Tools does a lot of work for me such as putting out tweets, adding items to Facebook and Pinterest. It has saved me LOTS of time and gotten tweets out that I probably never would have done myself.

    Kathy from TheGlamtasticAttic, 2277 sales
  • This is a fabulous program, I can schedule my entire shop to show on Facebook and Twitter, and forget it! Will be using frequently.

    Brandi Rhea from BouquetsByKeepsakes, 1310 sales
  • Seller Tools helps me automate promotion that I probably would have not done. To me it is much easier than trying to figure it out myself.

    Christine Tarski from AlohaWhispers, 1911 sales
  • The sales event manager is simple and effective. I have also used the reviews manager for posting on social media. It is great and helps to gain followers.

    Gill from EasilySuede, 2936 sales
  • I love favathon and social media productivity tools! They helped me save much time!

    Maha and Menna Atef from Selsal, 16 sales
  • I use the social media productivity tool for posting to Facebook and Pinterest etc. The reporting is very good - showing what is doing well and categorizing all sorts of things.

    Sue Freer from VintageGiftsFromOz, 2385 sales
  • Seller Tools has increased my exposure on social network websites by picking random and targeted posts. These posts have brought in new people and likes that otherwise would have likely missed the content they enjoyed. Seller Tools has also been fantastic at keeping up with new content and posting it to our networks for people to both like and buy. All this has brought in more fans and increased our exposure a great deal; ultimately leading to an increase in sales. Thank you Seller Tools!

    James and Katie Joyner from FoxyExpressions, 11503 sales
  • I'm so happy that the new feature allowing me to share my feedback! I'm loving it!

    Shere'e Edwards from RaeMarieEssentials, 552 sales
  • Loving Seller Tools. Automated schedules are very easy to use. My views and sales have seriously increased. Thanks a lot! And customer support is really great and quick.

    Sophie from SophieLadyDeParis, 2034 sales
  • Less hassle. I didn't have to worry about if I posted some information. I just knew it was done and I could move on to other very important things.

    Matt and Heather from XDDesigns, 4063 sales
  • I love automation of all the postings to social media as well as having the store on sale. Great tools!

    Ana Vincentelli from HealingAtlas, 4770 sales
  • I love how Seller Tools randomly picks items from my shop and that I can set it up to be hourly, every other hour, etc. It is very user friendly!

    Erin from Revendeur, 794 sales
  • I especially like the promotion tools which has easy schedule set up with all options I need. Saving a LOT of time on a daily basis! Keyword and trend tools give information to think about and to improve the tags and titles, really helpful. And since this is dynamic, you can stay tuned to the changes in the area of your interest with no waste of time for search it in other way.

    Sophia Rodionov from CanotStopPrints, 6929 sales
  • Social media promotion tool saving a lot of time. The usage of Seller Tools increased traffic at my shop, definitely and for the two weeks of trial I've had an increase in sales.

    Sophia Rodionov from CanotStop, 731 sales
  • I had updates of my Etsy shop posted at different times of the day, without having to log in and post each of them myself. This sales me lots of time! Thanks you Seller Tools!

    Sanna Sprenger from LumisaDesign, 444 sales
  • I use Seller Tools to tweet my Etsy products. I love the automated feature meaning I just had to set it up once and leave it to tweet automatically for me. I liked that I could choose my main product photo for my tweets and the frequency of tweets. I have noticed increased views on my Etsy shop directly from the Seller Tools auto tweets!

    Elizabeth Anne Norris from eanjewellery, 1243 sales
  • I like the possibility of being able to automatically post my Etsy listings on my Facebook page, so even when I'm busy and I'm not at the computer Seller Tools does the job for me. I have increased a lot my shop views and sales thanks to Seller Tools!

    Valentina Zepponi from MoonlightCreazioni, 92 sales
  • I like the increased daily views and I love the auto social media posts! I'm bad at keeping up on social media posts and Seller Tools makes it easy.

    The Quiet Needle from TheQuietNeedle, 1664 sales
  • Great increase in shop views/visits! More interaction on social media platforms with potential clients.

    Jennifer from SweetenedSimplicity, 413 sales
  • Simple and easy to use! Saves time posting on individual social media sites so I can work on other projects.

    Everjoy Luxuries from EverjoyLuxuries, 105 sales
  • I love that i can promote my stuff so easily and how Seller Tools connected my shop with my social channels!

    Jacqui Layne from WackyJacquisDesigns, 1015 sales
  • Great tools! I like auto post schedules and ease of use. Seller Tools saves my time!

    bwithu from bwithustudio, 9066 sales
  • Very easy to use! I loved that Seller Tools got me more views by posting on Twitter for me. I also liked the sales tool. Very helpful for a busy working person who can't spend their time on social media sites.

    Denise Lee Porter from niseylee, 559 sales
  • I liked the fact that the ads are automated. It made it easier for my customers to get to my site and make purchases as well as share the ad to others. Very good program!

    Kit Jones from KitsJewleryCreations, 735 sales
  • Love that I am able to keep doing my daily things while Seller Tools takes care of the rest for me!!! Easy to use, easy to import, and a great way to advertise your products across many different areas!

    Brett DePrince from Antiques19971, 62 sales
  • I love the simplicity of scheduling posts. I had been trying to keep up with that myself, and some days (like the last four) were so crazy I wouldn't post at all. Scheduling sales events is super simple as well, and you make the graphic for me, which was fantastic! Having the red text draws the eye, and really stands out. I have yet to try Favathons, but I'm working on Clickathons a little bit several times a day. I have already seen results in traffic to my shop!

    Shannon from TheRosaryLady, 954 sales
  • I like the automated schedules! It is easy to promote and I am promoting without being on the computer. I like it all!

    Ana Sofia Rafael from CeramicaAnaRafael, 1203 sales
  • I LOVE having an online "secretary"! I spent so much time advertising with social media that I didn't have time to create. Seller Tools has been a life savior to me!

    Kristi Martin from CustomCraftJewelry, 528 sales
  • I like being able to automate my social media posts. It has increased visits to my shop & views of my products.

    Ashley Black from LovelyRoseApothecary, 834 sales
  • I love the scheduled social media posts and the ease of use making those posts!

    Deborah O'Leary from DeborahOLearyPattern, 32959 sales
  • The automatic post publishing in my social media pages is really useful for my business and saves my time!

    Party Instant from PartyInstant, 4503 sales
  • I really love the ability to automate my social media posts. I really feel it has helped increase my views and sales. it makes social media effortless. The Treasury tool is also great, and allows you to create treasuries with other sellers that are reciprocal. I have really liked Seller Tools!

    Kelli Sanders from 1325Gifts, 679 sales
  • I like that the set up was fast and easy, I also like my ads are automated, that allows more time for me to create. Seller Tools is such a great tool for my Etsy shop business! I will share this information with my friends and followers. Thanks Seller Tools!

    Victoria from MotownsFlyFashions, 53 sales
  • I like Facebook posting the most! The hashtags are great and integration between Etsy and Seller Tools is smooth!

    Osnat Avni from Avnis, 25258 sales
  • I like Seller Tools because I am not the best with computers. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. The social media is very simple to do and very helpful!

    Judy from judysgems2, 296 sales
  • I liked the fact that I could promote my items on my social networks while being able to take time off at the same time. I didn't have to be online to promote. Anything to save time is a blessing for my business!

    Heidi Gilmore from BodyJewelryChains, 2371 sales
  • Seller Tools is really good and easy to use. It increased my Pinterest followers number.

    harajuku ming from CaptClothingVintage, 5164 sales
  • Seller Tools saves my time! I noticed an increase in visibility on social media. Now I don't have to promote every new or renewed listing to Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook.

    ezvintagefinds from ezvintagefinds, 122 sales
  • Seller Tools is really like a friend which you need during your bad times. It creates a miracle in increasing the visits of your shop without your extra effort of posting items to your social networking sites. It was a gift for me when I really needed it. Thanks!

    XPERTARTS from XPERTARTS, 92 sales
  • What is the most useful for me is that I can schedule posts for my shop throughout the day. Even if I was sitting at my computer all day long, I wouldn't be able to keep posting for different time zones worldwide.

    Mary Beth from TheGinghamLife, 2090 sales
  • I like how easy Seller Tools has been to schedule. It has helped me quickly get things out to social media without much thought. I like that you can choose how far apart you want your posts as well.

    Kim from vintagepaige, 966 sales
  • Seller Tools has made my life easier. Knowing that our products are being promoted regularly has allowed me to focus efforts on the look of our Etsy shop and branding. We have noticed a significant increase in shared posts and traffic to our shop.

    Marica Porter from LovingMissMays, 389 sales
  • Seller Tools makes my day more productive! Using posting schedules makes promotion process easier.

    Artur Antunes from CorkCraftsClay, 2542 sales
  • I really like being able to schedule my social media posts and love favathons!

    LAM from DrawingsbyLAM, 9 sales
  • I tested it by using it, then not using it. The "not" using it was hard. I found it much easier to schedule the posts, then forget about them. I did wish that I could have put more specific information for Etsy teams on Twitter so they would be caught by them better. but the pictures worked extremely well. I found I expanded my target audience using the system, and sold more, which is the bottom line.

    Robert Clough from SilverFoxAntiques, 809 sales
  • I love the fact that I can easily join a favathon event in seconds and I do not have to follow the thread to be able to join, like with other favathon games on Etsy! Here I just select an item and people start liking it almost immediately. This is really cool! I also loved how Seller Tools can automatically post items from my shop on my social media - I just select the items that will rotate, I select how often my products will be posted and all is ready! This is a great help to busy Etsians. I also liked how Seller Tools give me a summary of other Etsy users and I can see all of their feedback's they have left. Amazing!

    Dobromira Velikova from BlastFromThePastBags, 915 sales
  • Seller Tools has helped my stats very much and it has given me much more time to make my items and not be on the computer so much promoting!

    Marilyn Gilmore from gilmoreproducts33, 3405 sales
  • The scheduled Twitter and Facebook posts are working!!! My traffic has almost doubled in the first week of using this tool. I have worked hard for the last year to create 900 followers on my Twitter account and its working because some of my items are being seen by over 10K people!

    Vintage Thriftnstyle from VintageThriftnstyle, 1628 sales
  • I love the ease of promoting items in my shop through social media. I love that I can set automated promos as well as manual, because I can promote new listings easily manually and promote my existing listings with the automated version.

    Leesa (waalaa) from waalaa, 2943 sales
  • I like the ease of use for the posting schedules and that I can edit my schedule or add a new one any time I need. I love that I get a super fast response from your tech team - amazing!

    Debi from MyVintageJewels, 5300 sales
  • Our views have doubled since using the Favathons! I have been able to save an incredible amount of time by scheduling my social media shares and using the Treasury Tool. We recently started a sale in our shop, and are so pleased with how the sale "looks" on our pages. We have subscribed and we highly recommend the Seller Tools - ALL OF THEM!

    Gayla and Al Esch from thejewelseeker, 15046 sales
  • Very easy to set up and use. I like the way the images are displayed and how it can choose random items to post.

    livingavntglife from LivingAVntgLife, 1146 sales
  • I love the Favathons! It sure has put lots of action to my store. I also like scheduling my tweets and Pinterest posts to more then one Pinterest board. It's great that I can do sales and social media schedules in one place instead of using EtsyOnSale and AroundIO. It is a one stop do it all!

    cindy cooley from serendipitytreasure, 6825 sales
  • It's amazingly convenient for posting to my shop's Facebook page! I just set it up and then forgot about it which is awesome cause that's the whole point, to save me time and energy promoting my shop while I can direct my attention to other things!

    Lisa Parrish from ParrishHousePhotos, 259 sales
  • Automated social media posts are awesome, they give great increase in visibility. And saves you a lot of time. Also I like how ST team supports sellers, great customer care :)

    Adrian Słabolepszy from HandMadeDesignsGraph, 95 sales
  • It totally saves me time and ensures that I get regular exposure even on days when I don't have time to be hands on!

    Julieta Spoerer from IntentionalVagabond, 4 sales
  • I like how Seller Tools has saved me time! Before, I never posted things to Twitter, Facebook, or Flickr, because I just didn't have the extra time! Since using Seller Tools, I have seen traffic to my store double, if not triple!

    Joselyn Hasty from CreativeSparkDesigns, 4630 sales
  • I love the fact that I can promote my listings on Pinterest and Twitter from one place! I also love the Treasury Tool - it is really easy to use!

    Lyriel MoonShadow from SilverElfJewelry, 908 sales
  • That's amazing how easy you can select which products/categories you want to promote on what social media and at what time! This is great as it allows me to concentrate on designing/making rather than spending twice as long promoting the products.

    Monica Milton from MonicaMJewellery, 297 sales
  • I like the automation of work with Facebook and Pinterest, useful statistics and notifications when my shop item goes trending.

    Olga Petrov from BijouxBoxJewelry, 4 sales
  • I like auto post schedules. It is very easy to reach people in social media. I also like Sale Event Manager. It saves time for creating promotion to items. Favathons are fun and make more traffic to my shop.

    Sansanee T from ZenDesignx, 12 sales
  • Seller Tools boosted my views at least 80% from where they were previously. It was easy to use and having it post for me gave me time to work on other things where I would have been manually posting. My likes also increased with my views and this tool really put my shop out there to the public. I liked seeing views and likes constantly on the rise. I am sure that if I used the Seller Tools on a regular basis that not only would it generate views and likes but would result in a much higher sales volume for my shop.

    Dawn Brothers from alabeadz, 10 sales
  • I mostly liked the sale tool, where I put my whole shop on sale. I found it easier to use and more accurate then the EtsyOnSale app I tried once before. This is also a better value for the money I think, and it does Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest posting, which I pay another app for as well. I am probably going to cancel the EtsyFu service and just use this since it works just as well and its all in one service with the sale app and the analytics feature is very nice. It is pretty much multiple existing Etsy apps all rolled into one with a nice easy to use interface.

    Mamie Stubbs from MadeByMame, 407 sales
  • I really like that Seller Tools includes the other social media sites like Pinterest. These generally tend to cost extra to add. Being able to schedule different social media platforms with different schedules is awesome!

    Julie Dulong from JDzigner, 335 sales
  • I love Seller Tools! My stats increased from 30 a day to 685 a week! I will always use Seller Tools. It helped increase my posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I don't have the time to do all those posting on my own.

    Kimberly Goddard from RusticRidgeCreations, 832 sales
  • Seller Tools increased traffic to my Etsy shop and saved me hours of precious time! Everything is clear and easy to understand!

    Marianna Aslamazyan from PeonybyMarianna, 195 sales
  • The automatic promoting system is wonderful! I don't have to manually promote my items which helped a lot since I'm usually always busy.

    Marisa Mayo from SimplyyLeggingss, 18 sales
  • I like that my items are promoted when I'm not able to promote them! It's easy to use and schedule!

    Cindy from CinLynnBoutique, 1582 sales
  • My shop listings scheduling could not be easier!

    Vintage Corner Bazaar from VintageCornerBazaar, 774 sales
  • I liked how easy it was to schedule my social media postings. I definitely saw an increase in my views and sales.

    Adele Boese from DerBayzVintage, 1620 sales
  • I've really enjoyed the schedules - the promotions have definitely freed me up to create more! The treasury creator is easy and wonderful to use too!

    Sherry Luke from sherrysjewelry, 129 sales
  • I love that I can automate my posts and new Items straight from Etsy!

    Michelle from 3HappyBees, 365 sales
  • My shop views have increased!

    Krystal Kirkland from KrystalsTuTuKloset, 122 sales
  • Not only does it help and save my time on a daily bases but, the automated portion is awesome! You set it up, which takes no time at all and that's it... Seller Tools does the rest forever! It's very user friendly, which is a PLUS! Customer service is fabulous, they answer you in a timely manner and actually help you! Can't say enough about this app, so glad I found it!

    Dawn Coker from WireJewelryByDawn, 293 sales
  • It is very easy to use Seller Tools products. I like the Treasury maker and social media posts scheduling function very much!

    Scotti Cohn from JewelryByScotti, 580 sales
  • It is very comfortable that Seller Tools shares my listings for me in the social media around the clock. My stats were high and I have increased my followers in Tweeter.

    Erka S. from OldMag, 800 sales
  • It takes just a few minutes to schedule posting and treasury, it is a time saver! It also notifies people that have been treasured.

    Carole from ClassyLeather, 6417 sales
  • After a short time of using Seller Tools I noticed an increase in my views and sales, and it's clearly seen on my Etsy Dashboard compared to the last year. I can see the pleasant changes almost every day. Also I really like that now I don't have to spend a lot of time with social promotion and still be active in all common social media. And I noticed that I get a lot of traffic from those. So this works very well for me! Thanks!

    Kate Golovanova from katerynaG, 1772 sales