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 Introducing Review manager

We are excited to announce our new tool - Review manager! With this tool you will be able to set up an automatic posting of positive feedback that you receive from the buyers!

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 International shipping on Etsy: why it shouldn't scare you

There is a lot of reasons why Etsy sellers don't ship internationally. Some sellers think that no one would pay this much to get their products, especially if item itself costs less than shipping. Others know that international shipping requires customs declaration and additional paperwork. Finally, nobody wants to deal with unhappy customers who might be upset about shipping time, customs fees, total shipping price, etc.

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150 Etsy apps for small business owners

A list of 150 Etsy apps broken down by categories: Accounting, Bulk editing, Inventory, Photo editing, Marketing, Shipping, Social media, Tools. See Etsy Apps for more.

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Etsy coupons vs sales events: pros and cons

Today we will talk about Etsy coupon codes and sales events. What are the pros and cons of each approach? Is it better to run a sale event or just create a coupon code? What are main caveats and limitations of both approaches?

Introducing coupon manager

We are happy to announce that we added a new tool which will help you in managing your coupon codes all in one place! It's free, super easy to use and saves your time! Meet coupon manager!

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Etsy SEO tips for beginners

Everybody knows how Etsy SEO is important for selling your products. In this article we'll cover basic topics of Etsy SEO for sellers who has limited or no experience with Etsy search engine optimization.

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