Etsy introducing Multi-Shop Checkout

Shoppers can now purchase from multiple Etsy shops in a single transaction.

Etsy Multi-Shop Checkout Etsy Direct Checkout

Starting today shoppers will be able to purchase items from multiple shops with a single payment if those shops have Direct Checkout enabled. This option will be made available to all Etsy buyers over the coming weeks. Previously, buyers had to pay for items from different shops by going through the checkout process separately for each shop they purchased from. We know from our research that they would sometimes abandon additional items in their cart after completing their first transaction. With multi-shop checkout, purchasing from more than one Etsy seller at a time will be easier and faster, and that’s better for everyone.

Checking Out

As buyers add items to their carts, they’ll see the cost for each item, shipping cost for each shop, shipping options (if applicable), processing times and an option to add a note to each seller. They’ll also see the total cost for all items and the combined total for their entire purchase. From this multi-shop cart, they can proceed to checkout from all the shops in their cart in one purchase.

Buyers will only be able to select one method of payment and one address for each purchase. To use a different credit card or shipping address for one or more items in their cart, they’ll need to remove those items from the cart using the Save for Later feature and purchase those items in a separate transaction.

If you don’t have Direct Checkout enabled in your shop, your items will be in a separate section below the multi-shop-eligible items in the shopper’s cart and buyers will need to purchase them in separate transactions.

After the Purchase

After buyers complete a multi-shop purchase, they’ll receive an email from each Etsy shop they purchased from with the shop’s unique branding, location and the seller’s Message to Buyer. For example, if they purchase four items from three different Etsy shops, they’ll receive three receipts. They can also continue to visit their purchases and reviews page to locate the items that they purchased from each shop, leave reviews and contact sellers as necessary.

What This Means for Your Shop

If you currently accept Direct Checkout, your items are automatically eligible for multi-shop checkout. Learn more about how multi-shop checkout works in this help article.

If you don’t currently accept Direct Checkout and are interested in learning more about setting up Direct Checkout in your shop read this help article. Direct Checkout is available for sellers in these countries.



    • Gayla and Al Esch commented Jan. 27, 2017 reply

      Great update on Etsy's shopping cart. I've had many customers ask if this was possible. So, Yeah!!!!